The Interior Design Profit Formula provides everything you need for your journey as an Interior Design Professional - whether you're at start-up stage or you're up-leveling.

  • Growth + Clients

    Make a solid plan for growth in your business while attracting quality clients in droves.

  • Unparalleled Service

    Learn how to create on-demand service levels for your clients and successful systems to deliver.

  • Sales + Marketing

    Learn sales without being sales-ey and develop marketing skills that work in this industry.

Transform Your Interior Design Business

Whether you've been in business for several months, several years or you're just starting out, taking action that is aligned with who YOU are is not only critical to your business and your bank account but also to your sanity.


For the Interior Design Business Owner Determined to Succeed

This online program covers the most common pitfalls and the ways to avoid them PLUS the very best strategies business coach Nancy Ganzekaufer uses with all her 1-on-1 business coaching clients. The course is comprehensive and broken down into 9 Modules, each with lessons and worksheets, in addition to a bonus 10th module about becoming the CEO of your own company. All together, there is over 8 hours of video content (plus interactive worksheets!). The course features Guest Coaches such as Yian Quach on “How to Convert More Clients With Your Interior Design Website”, Nicole Heymer on “Defining Your Brand”, and Lori Ann Robinson on "Your Look, Your Feel, Your Image", in addition to others!

  • Create a detailed roadmap to success.

  • Identify your ideal client.

  • Formulate your signature message.

  • Build your ladder of services.

  • Grow your client base.

  • Define your brand and learn how to share compelling content.

  • Learn how to nail your sales closing conversation with a simple, proven formula.

  • Establish successful systems.

Module 1: Create Your Roadmap to Success

At times, in Interior Design school there is not enough focus on the business side of how to run things. It can leave you feeling like you have no anchor or system on how to build your business.

IN THIS MODULE YOU WILL LEARN why mindset matters, how to know your value, tools to get past negative self-talk, access to The Direct and Dynamic Business Plan, how to set up your support system, how your money story is holding you back AND SO MUCH MORE! AFTER THIS CLASS YOU WILL HAVE tools to develop and enhance a growth mindset, the ability to understand your value as an Interior Designer in comparison to a layman, the understanding that your support system might not be helpful in all scenarios, a greater insight about your thoughts on money affect how much you’re charging, strategies to choose your two or three primary marketing methods for the year that would best serve your growth, the knowledge to develop a strong Ladder of Services, AND the plan of how to make your actionable steps(goals) concrete.

Module 2: Identify Your Ideal Client Profile

The magic ingredient that many Interior Designers can miss, is the process of identifying their ideal client. The mistake made is to believe that EVERYONE who might need an interior designer is their target market! That couldn’t be further from the truth!

In this module, let us explore together what it takes to identify YOUR specific target market. This is where the money is! Proper client identification equals endless profit, possibilities! IN THIS MODULE YOU WILL LEARN that everyone is NOT your client. You'll learn the 5 W's: who, what, when, where, why. What do your clients care about? Where do they hang out? When do they need me? Why are they *my people*? AFTER THIS CLASS YOU WILL HAVE the insight to answer the five W's. It will help you recognize the behaviors of YOUR ideal client and create a direct and dynamic marketing plan to reach them.

And most important of all...
Create the mindset to accomplish your dreams.

What are people saying?

“Without Nancy's coaching and support, I wouldn't have just closed on two new clients, and who fit my target, with cheques in hand, in one week. Because of her, I walked into those client consultations confident and prepared they would be both excited and relieved to be working with me – a genuine expert who could help them with what they were struggling with.”

Saree Parry, Interior Designer, Decorating Den

“I just need to tip my hat to Nancy Ganzekaufer once more. Every time I have a meeting with her, I come away with something tangible that I can action straight away and make my business better. Today, I was able to make a clear decision to stop a part of my service which I realized just doesn't make business sense - not profitable enough, sucking up a ton of my time, causing me unnecessary stress, and preventing me from focusing on and making other parts of my business more profitable (thanks, Nancy!).”

Itohan Ellis, Red Orchid Designs, Residential Interior Design

“I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know I got that big job we spoke about at our last session (yippee!). I used many of the techniques you coached me on and they really helped me to be more confident and professional.”

Nicole Cole, Interior Designer, Vestige Home

Fill in the blanks in your business model so you can grow your business to the next level.

This unique online program can show you how. You'll get results because you're willing to do what it takes. You're done with playing small, hiding and treading water.


Meet Your Coach

Nancy Ganzekaufer

Nancy Ganzekaufer is a focused, motivated, and dedicated Business Coach. Through her work, Nancy empowers creative entrepreneurs to build the life and business they have always wanted.

As a mom of three young adults and a successful business owner, Nancy understands the unique challenges entrepreneurs face when pursuing their dreams of growing a profitable business. She leads by example through her hard work, encouragement, and most of all, her no-BS leadership style.

Nancy offers individualized and group coaching to guide and motivate her clients to get clear on their business identity, offerings, and services. Then, she helps them set a plan to attract and close more of their ideal clients with effective marketing and sales techniques.

In addition to Business Coaching, Nancy is a National Board member of the Interior Design Society (IDS) and the Current and Founding President of the IDS Virtual Chapter.
Meet Your Coach

What Others Say About Working With Nancy

Transform Your Interior Design Business

In 90 days you can double (or even triple!) your business with these proven strategies.


This is the best decision you can make for your Interior Design business

Get immediate access to 9 modules of actionable and insightful content designed specifically to double or triple your business. Once you purchase the course, you have access for life, and can rewatch each module as many times as you want. You can also ask questions and get answers using the Discussion feature inside the course.


Backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Do the work and you WILL get the results.

BUT if you don't get the results you expected with this program after completing all the content and doing the work within 30 days, then I will give you 100% of your money back.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access the program content?

    All course content is delivered via our online platform so you can access it anywhere you are, on whatever device you're using.

  • How long do I have access to this program?

    Once purchased, you have access to this program in perpetuity. You will always be able to go back to it and reference at any point in the growth of your business.

  • How can I get support while taking the program?

    You can use the "Discussion" feature of the course to ask questions and get answers from Nancy about the lessons.

  • What if this doesn't work for my business?

    I am convinced that this process will work for ANY Interior Design business if you do the work and follow my proven strategies. But if you feel you aren't getting the results you want, have completed the entire course and have done the work, then I offer a 30 day money back guarantee.